Accounts Payable Automation

Tired of wasting time and money managing your accounts payable ? Then you have come to the right place.

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What if we process and pay your invoices?

So you can focus on your Accounting


Photo or scan of any accounts payable related document that needs to be processed.


Our algorithm processes your uploaded documents data.


Choose an extraction format and extract any set of processed data


Integrate processed data into your accounting system and focus on your main accounting tasks.


An intuitive App

To get visibility on the entire process and workflow

All data at your fingertips $

Our application is focused on giving you a direct access to your Accounts Payable data, wich you can also edit, comment, send for approbation workflow and quickly extract for a seamless integration with your corporate accounting system.

Great Benefits

Optimize your Accounts Payable management

Save Time and Money

Get insight of your Accounts Payable workflows

Enjoy seamless and smart approval process

Keep tight control over data access

No more Data Entry

We all know how Data and Payment entries can be time consuming. Today, RapidExpense has come with a solution to this; it will deal with all your invoice data processing and integrate it to your accounting software. This will not only save you TIME but most importantly MONEY.

Sharp Expertise

With our experience in Accounts Payable, we are able to offer you high added value services. We ensure all your documents are processed on time and deal with any exceptions without delay. We have built a strong algorithm with a sharpened calibration limiting the risks in your Invoices Payable Management.

Mess-free accounting books

All of your Data is available to you at your own disposal with an additional interface of reports, graphics and analytics. Your Data is perfectly consolidated to any ERP or accounting system, and is aimed to be compliant with high standards and payment deadlines.

Turn numbers into know how

Our application is easy to use and has strong document tracking tools. All of the most common accounting reports are available, So your FP&A team will love it. With our standards, your purchasing process and communication will be improved between accounting and any other departments.

Our Clients love us

And we're sure you will too

We had a lot of issues when dealing with our Account Payables as we were losing time, money and efforts. Now we use RapidExpense and almost forgot about when we had to do it ourselves.
I was always scared when i had to dive into Account Payables to write a report for the Head of Department, as it was always a mess. With RapidExpense, i can get insight on Data without any effort.
Financial Analyst
Thanks to RapidExpense, our Data that was once scattered accross several departments is now accessible and editable from a single unified system, saving us so much time and preventing document loss.

Quality Driven Approach

We maintain high Quality standards

Secured data storage

All data is treated over secured servers in Switzerland and has multiple backups performed daily.

Swiss Privacy Standards

All data is kept Private and Confidential, in conformity with Swiss Privacy Standards.

Time and money saving

Cost effective online platform without the hassle to manage human resources and additional Softwares.